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About Uncle King’s Origin

Uncle Kin‘s famous Chili Pan Mee recipe was humbly discovered in 1978 by the founder’s uncle out of his passion for “home-cooked” food and the love for his families and friends. Fondly known as Uncle Kin by friends and family, he is known to be a self-taught chef where he always tries to come out with new recipe for his friends and families to try. He always believes that the food he cooked should be enjoyed by everyone including his Muslim and Hindu friends as it is Uncle Kin’s value that good food brings people together, especially with the long-reign Malaysian “dah makan” spirit.

Fast forward to 2015, this recipe that was originally created to be enjoy by friends and families only, was passed down to the founders and they decided that they wanted to continue their uncle’s passion and legacy by letting everyone in Malaysia savour this dish. Taking their uncle’s values of good food bring people together, the founders improvise the process by delivering the dishes faster using modern techniques and machineries while maintaining their uncle’s close-to-heart taste, consistency and top-notched quality. The store was also named after their beloved uncle as a token of remembrance and respect.

Today, Uncle Kin Chilli Pan Mee is being appreciated by every food lover in Malaysia. It has grown leap and bound from the humble beginning of Uncle Kin’s home kitchen to a total of 7 stores nationwide. With strong vision for future expansion, Uncle Kin stalls are being renamed to Uncle KinG from 2019 onward, the letter “G” added behind to represent Group whilst holding onto the enhanced visions of – speed, hygiene, customer service and consistency.

Uncle KinG will continue to provide the best quality Chilli Pan Mee with its rich history and heritage. It strives to constantly improve all areas of the business and provide more enthralling gastronomic experiences to their beloved customers. It aspires to introduce this home-made Chilli Pan Mee not only to the entire Malaysia but also to the whole world.